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Holy Currencies

The Forest Hill United Church Unit Coordinators play a vital role on the Council team of our community. We give great thanks for all who have served faithfully sharing their gifts of time and talent to our faith community as we partner with the world, discover God within, and live out our faith.

 It is time, now, for a few people to step away from serving in their coordinating role and a place at the Council team table. We invite each member of the congregation to discern and open their hearts to feel the Holy Spirit’s nudge to offer their gifts as one of these coordinator positions. It is a place of great opportunity not only to serve but to discover more about yourself and your faith journey.

The present coordinator’s personal experience of their time on the Council can be heard in the Sunday services on YouTube.

Coordinator for Celebrate God

  • Attend council meetings
  • Support the ministers with the services as necessary
  • Meet with ministers to help shape the upcoming year
  • Support kids church
  • Put together the conference Sunday service
  • Arrange the employee sabbatical relief (perhaps)


  • Support the M & P committees for each of the four staff. 
  • Support the Vacation Bible School committee
  • Support each group under the Celebrate God Unit, i.e., Ushers
Be In Community

Includes all activities that strengthen and support the life of the congregation:

  • Communication (messenger, website, annual report, bulletin boards, mailboxes)
  • Pastoral care (visiting shut-ins, cards, prayer shawls)
  • Groups (men’s breakfast, UCW, lunch bunch, quilters)
  • Events (Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner, post-worship refreshments, luncheons, 

 games nights).

  • Responsible for initiating and/or execute some special events
  • The coordinator will submit a budget each year with input from the various groups.

For the most part, all aspects of Be in Community are self sufficient and run on their own, as a coordinator you will “check-in” on the groups (usually by e-mail) to ensure they know who you are, what unit they fall under and determine if three are any issues or questions where you can offer assistance.  Regular meetings are not required.

Reaching Out to Others
  • Facilitator and Co are responsible for seeing the money that comes into Reaching Out to Others gets used for projects in the community. 
  • Involvement can be direct or indirect but recently has been direct involvement
  • Expectations are working with others in the community and building relationships. 
  • Areas of interest to date are: Chandler Mowat food program, backpacks, Neighbours day, Christmas families and other projects that are brought to our attention; Forest Hill Elementary School collection of school supplies for September
  • Blessings Box oversee the filling of it and submit receipts for those wishing to be reimbursed
  • Food gift cards for CM at Christmas for the office administrator to distribute on an as-needed basis
  • Any other community program that FHUC wishes to support.
Recording Secretary
  • Take minutes at monthly Council meetings,
  • Send to Chair for approval and distribute to Council members 
  • Send out correspondence and documents as requested on occasion
  • Sign staff contracts as requested
  • Take minutes at the Annual General Meeting
  • Take minutes at any other congregational meetings