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Where Do We Go From Here?

Where Do We Go from Here?
What thought have you given to the future of Forest Hill United Church? Congregations get in the habit of carrying on carrying on without thinking about where they’re headed, or more importantly why. It’s easy to be so preoccupied with the business – or busyness – that we fail to pay attention to what we’re busy for. What is the goal, the raison d’être, the business of Forest Hill?
There’s the motto: “Celebrating God, Being in Community, Reaching Out to Others”. How does that help? How is that lived out in our day-by-day choices, decisions, and commitments? How do the 3 phrases of the motto interact with each other? So, for example, does “celebrating God” look different in a church that’s committed to “reaching out to others” than otherwise? Or how does “being in community” impact “reaching out”? Do these 3 phrases still encapsulate the essence of this faith community?
I wish we could do it all, that everything that was important to anyone for a church to do could be accomplished. We all wish that and we all know it’s not possible. So, how do we prioritize? The building needs a new roof. Does that take precedence over any other fundraising or spending? What other things are equally or more important?
There are lots of needs, lots of ideas, lots of possibilities, lots of options. Who decides what should be done, let go of, or put on hold for now? And how do those decisions get made? Then, once they are, how does whatever gets named as priorities get wheels underneath? I notice nearly everyone here is willing to “help”, but not enough individuals are ready and willing to give leadership. I’d love to see more people offering to take initiative and do the work, rather than waiting to be asked, or worse talked into it.
One of the hopes for the new governance model is that it will enable the Board (Council) to have big picture discussions and to facilitate the setting of goals in the congregation. What it will not mean is less involvement. Not if this is going to continue to be a thriving congregation. The aim is to have more people involved in mission, ministry and outreach and fewer in internal ad-ministration.
So, what are your dreams for Forest Hill? What are you prepared to give of yourself and financially to see your vision come to fruition? Make it so!