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What Are We Waitng For?

As I’m writing this, Christmas is still more than a month away. However, there won’t be another Messenger be-
fore that. We’ve entered Advent, the church’s season of waiting and preparing. What are we waiting for? Advent
is a time that taps into the longing each of us has for “Better”: a better way for the world, healthier relation-
ships, justice for those who are broken by others’ power, a more vibrant church, deeper compassion for the down-
trodden. Better.

“A voice crying in the wilderness:” Words from Isaiah, often spoken or sung during Advent, appropriated by the
gospel writers to describe John the Baptist. The message is one of hope. Even in the desert, even where the going
is tough or when the way is rough, that’s where God will come. So better get ready.

The world that we long for, the church that we hope for, the relationships that we need strengthened – none of
these happens by chance – nor by ‘divine intervention’ either. Change for the better happens because of vision,
tenacity, compassion, diligence and courage. Dreams are nothing more than illusions until the dreamer gets to

Creation and Christmas are stories of God’s dreams: for relationship, for justice, for peace on earth. The high and
mighty, the commoner, the refugee all have a place in God’s story. Creation and Christmas are stories of God’s
coming into chaos and the unimagined corner. Creation and Christmas are stories of God getting to work.

What’s your dream? Do you imagine it to be impossible? How are you ‘working’ it? What are you waiting for?