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What’s Going On Here?

We are working together to equip Forest Hill United Church for the future. Even if you’re a regular in church on
Sundays and active in the congregation, you won’t know all of what goes on here during the week nor some of the projects
others are working on. I don’t either. Each person has some parts of the puzzle but no one has them all. That interdependence is part of what I enjoy about a mid-sized, active congregation. In addition I’ll offer a personal confession: I don’t always know what others don’t know. I hold a lot of information in my head which I don’t think to share until someone asks the question that opens that file in my brain. So here are a few things that are going on that people have
asked about:
1) The Holy Currencies Team: Six of us have made 3 trips to Toronto (plus meetings and webinars between) to delve
into how circulating currencies will help us to grow a Sustainable Missional Ministry in Forest Hill. Congregations
tend to pay attention to numbers: to money, property and volunteers. Those are important. But so are leadership and
our relationships with one another and with the community. In the foyer and the Fireside Room are posters with the
Currencies shown in a wheel. Our homework assignments included having attendees one Sunday name 3 people here they’re grateful for, and another list volunteer hours. Board members were asked to take photos of wellness and unwellness in the neighbourhood. As the team integrates what we’re learning, you’ll be seeing evidence our work, as well as hearing more from us.
2) The Governance Team: One of the goals the congregation set for itself during this Interim Time was to look at
“governance”, at how Forest Hill is organized and makes decisions. The Governance Team has been meeting, listing
all the responsibilities of this congregation, and imagining possible structures for fulfilling them. One aim is to streamline
the size and work of the Board, reducing duplication and freeing up leaders for more active engagement. The
Board is very large by today’s standards, too large for quality discussion and decision-making. When the team develops
a process and timeline, that will be shared with the congregation. Any new Board structure or constitution would be discussed and voted on by the congregation.
3) The Transition Team: has responsibility for overseeing the goals of the Interim Time. They identified a gap in
work being done on Stewardship. The Diamond Event was designed and led by them to invite lively discussion on
Treasures, Time and Talents. It was all about stewardship, but participants were having so much fun, they didn’t recognize
that’s what it was about until James Bond clued them in.
4) The Ministry and Personnel Committee: has just begun discussion on an alternative model for overseeing staff.
If you feel like you don’t know enough about what’s going on you can ask questions of someone in leadership. If you feel like
you don’t have enough say, you can volunteer for leadership. We want Forest Hill to be a healthy, vibrant Church that is visible in the community.