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Voluntary Thank You

This week past was “Volunteer Appreciation Week”. I almost missed it. Then I asked, “Am I oblivious of the amount of volunteering going on in my community? Am I doing my share?”
So, I did what many do when they are wondering about something these days…. I googled it. It being ‘National Volunteer Week’.
I learned that I am indeed oblivious to many kinds of volunteer work happening in front of me everyday. Some is visible. Helping a neighbour with outside chores; a pet taken to the Humane Society to be cared for and available for the frantic owner; a ride for someone to an event; picking up garbage on Earth Day or any day; giving up your bus seat for someone; or, visiting someone who just spends too much time on their own.
Then there is the less visible: a driver waiting patiently for someone to cross the road; choosing to not get upset and be gracious to someone who is rude to you; paying attention to the children in your neighbourhood to see they get to and from school safely; praying for people you see struggling and loving someone who is difficult to love.
All of these efforts I have described are unorganized. They often occur on the spur of the moment. How beautiful. Doesn’t it give you just a little hope for the world? Spontaneous caring and giving. It is a currency of its own. Priceless really.

In no way do I mean to take away from the volunteer work that is more intentional and organized. Just as essential to our community. After all, it is due to these intentional people we have Mother’s Day Breakfasts, Bazaars, AV during church, clean up and set up and cooking and baking for special events, website updates, leadership and progressive change and… and…. This facility could not make it without all those who give each and everyday in some generous way.
I will make an effort this year to recognize voluntary kindness and grace in all its forms. I appreciate it, benefit from it and grow from participating in it. It is an open club. New members are encouraged and embraced. God blesses all who join and receive. That means you.