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Transformation – a Gift of Change

Over the last couple of weeks I have taken the time in worship to celebrate who we are as the United Church and talk about the changes that we are looking at come General Council at the end of July.  In these sermons I am making the case that this is all for the good.  In the New Testament a common theme is  transformation.  Moving from life to new life after death is the biggest  transformation but Jesus is pretty clear that we are to be transformed before that date.

Some of those transformations will be known only by us.  While other  transformations will be seen by those around us.  In some cases the metaphor used for transformation is an actual physical change or healing.

I can’t help but notice how many people here at Forest Hill have participated in studying the book “The Gifts of Imperfection” by Brene Brown and some have participated in the follow up study of “Cup of Blessing” by Joyce Rupp.

The intention of these studies is transformation and it doesnt mean that we have found life unbearable before, but those of us who have participated, want more out of life. We seek happiness with ourselves, happiness within
relationships and within the world. We know at a spiritual level that this happiness is within our grasp and are willing to risk a little to achieve it.
This summer the whole denomination is seeking that happiness and has dedicated thousands and thousands of staff and volunteer hours to fully appreciate our reality, dream something new and then put those dreams on paper for thousands of United Church folks from coast to coast to pray and struggle over. It might fall on its face and us with it but there is no doubt that we will be transformed in the process. I have felt here at Forest Hill the same desire to grow and a willingness to risk.
It might fall on its face and us with it but there is no doubt that we
will be transformed in the process.
In the fall Ellen and I both will be leading studies that encourage grow and deepening of our spiritual lives. I invite you now to consider joining one of these short studies. It just might be the best gift you give yourself, even if its
a little imperfect.
Peace, Gary