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The New Year

Who of us felt that 2013 more or less seemed to dissolve before our eyes as if something was eating the calendar. And now we are approaching 2014.

This is a good time to remind ourselves of all the people (although I am only going to name the roles they play in fear of forgetting someone) who make the worship and mission of the church lift off the page, so to speak. On any given Sunday we have ambassadors, greeter, ushers, power pointers, counters, choir members, readers, promoters, and people in the pew. We have shepherds who lead the little ones down to church school and we have child carers in the nursery. We have coffee and tea makers and cookie providers and dishwashers.

We have decorators for seasons and special services, every once in a while we have special music. Once a month we have writers and an editor, photocopiers, and folders so we can pick up the Messenger. Every week in the winter we have snow shovellers, snow plowers, and people who throw salt or sand on the walk. And in the summer we have gardeners and lawn mowers. We have people come and just look around to see it there are any things that need to be fixed and then the fixers.

We have quilters and crocheters and knitters. We have pastoral care visitors and people to visit. We have outreach workers and we have in house workers making sure we have the essentials so we can have coffee. We have volunteers for funerals and surprise events who set up tables and chairs and then take them down again.

We have the “did you know” people and the “I can help” people. We have the Lunch Bunch crew.
We have the bringers of stuff and the deliverers of same to food bank and Mary’s Place, House of Friendship and more.

We have all the committee members of the council who meet to make sure we move forward with care and compassion.

We have the new people and the “have been here before” people, the young and the old people and the ones in the middle.

We have Boy Scout and Girl Guide and CGIT leaders.
I’m sure, I’ve missed some important role that is filled by someone and fortunately we have the forgivers and the forgiven.

Thank you all for the very important role you play in the life of Forest Hill United Church and community around us.

A Blessed New Year to you all.