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“The Message”

The “Message” is coming to you on the Sunday when I will be worshipping in the Abbey on the Isle of Iona in the county of Scotland.
The Abbey and monastery were founded by Columba around 563 AD. For centuries, this place of worship and study has been considered a ‘thin place.’ A place where that divide between our mortal existence and the Holy, narrows to such a degree that God feels so physical.
I go seeking ancient ways to bring that essence of a ‘thin place’ back to Forest Hill. I go seeking spiritual renewal and a deepening of my relationship with the Holy One. As I sing and pray in that ancient place, you will not be far from my thoughts. Indeed I will be bringing you daily before God in prayer, asking blessing for you and giving thanks that God has brought us together in ministry.
As the stained glass images outside our sanctuary proclaim, I now ask that Peace, Joy, Love and Hope be yours while I am away,

Lets Go Deep

Ah, a new year and with it the theme for Forest Hill United Church in 2019.