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Something to Chew On

In April, Forest Hill held another Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner. Although I’d heard about this concept for many years, this was the first congregation I’ve been in where it’s a regular event. Of course, I decided to participate! So did dozens of others from charter members to those brand new to the congregation, people who never miss to people like me for whom this was the first. It’s a great opportunity to meet someone new or to get to know someone better.

After the main course, participants gathered at the church for dessert. Several of the dinner parties were late arriving because they were having such wonderful conversations they didn’t want to stop. Doesn’t that say something when you’re so enjoying talking to one another you’re late for dessert?

In the Fireside Room that evening I noticed an interesting dynamic. Whereas during coffee time after worship on Sundays people tend to cluster in cliques, this evening folks were mingling about, really conversing with people they might not usually talk with.  People were taking seriously getting to know one another.

Forest Hill United Church enjoys opportunities to gather and chat: from Muffin Moments to Lunch Bunch to Men’s Breakfast to UCW to … Well, you can add to the list. What activities are most important to you? In one of those activities, do you have an idea for a way we might connect with one another more meaningfully, in order to build a vibrant community and to offer better pastoral care to each other? (It’s not all up to Katharine you know.) Let’s explore ways to develop what we do well and make Forest Hill a stronger Christian community.


“Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing.”

(1 Thessalonians 5:11)