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Perhaps it’s harder for churches built in the ‘50’s and ‘60’s. The church I grew up in was one of those too. Because all we had to do was “build it and they will come”, we came to misunderstand what church is. “Church” became the building, rather than the people and community of faith. And we developed a misconception or how to “BE” church. We experienced being a Christian as passive: as a “taking in” – be that of people, learning, worship, or money. It seemed so easy.
But being a Christian is not meant to be passive. It is an active commitment. Rev. Cameron Trimble puts it this way:
“Take off your bib and put on your apron.”

Similarly, other church renewal gurus say: “Get out of the dining room and into the kitchen.”

Christianity is not an armchair activity. Church isn’t a place to come and be waited on. Staff aren’t hired to look
after the congregation – That’s everyone’s job! Rather, church is a place to be equipped: for evangelism,
service, and mission. I know evangelism is scary. We treat it like a four-letter word. But it can be as simple
as inviting a neighbour to Coffee and Conversation or UCW or Lunch Bunch or a discussion group. You don’t
have to wear your faith on your sleeve. How we interact with others and live day-by-day are the biggest
witness we can make to what we believe. Getting involved is fun and deepens your faith and life experience.
One newly involved leader spoke with me about noticing more and seeing things with new eyes. Another leader said, “People say ‘thanks’ to me. I don’t need thanks. What I do is it’s own reward!”
You don’t need to wait to be invited. Our new model is designed to help you find wings for your fledgling idea.
And I’m always happy to talk with people who want to do “something” but aren’t sure yet what that might be.
So, what are you waiting for?