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I’m finding this article surprisingly difficult to write, knowing this will be my last one for the Messenger. At 4½ years, my time at Forest Hill has been exceptionally lengthy for an Interim Ministry, the longest appointment I’ve had in the nearly 2
decades I’ve been working in this designated category of ministry. Those of us in the wider church who supported giving this extended time period a try wanted to see if that would help the congregation stabilize the shifts made.

I can see the difference. Can you see the difference? Forest Hill has faced difficult Truth and challenges, grown in faith and respect for one another, and become a more Missional, Sustainable Ministry as we’ve worked with the Holy Currencies and around the Cycle of Blessings introduced to us by Eric Law.

This afternoon the new photo directory arrived. Sheryl Fischer was over-the-moon excited. A huge debt of gratitude is owed to her for the incredible job she did – and for the sheer volume of Time and work she put into it!

As I’ve looked through it at your faces – some already gone and others to be added – I’ve been thinking of what
you’ve offered to this congregation over the time I’ve been here: the many gifts, new and strengthened Gracious
Leadership, and a changed ethos. Thank you to every one who has risked, stepped up, or tried something new.

For me, the arrival of the directory is a symbol of your readiness for the new ministry team.

I am pleased to be passing the mantel to Rev. Gary Clark, whom I know, and to whomever is selected from the pool of excellent applicants for the part-time position.

Holy Week, Good Friday and Easter are just ahead. The message of God working in darkness and shadow to birth new beginnings is one you know experientially. The stone of the tomb has been rolled away and Risen Life has sprung forth! The word to the believers then is, “Go and tell!” So, Forest Hill is called to live out your faith in your Relationships with one another and the community.

It’s time, almost, to say goodbye, though I’m sad to be doing so. One of the downsides of Interim Ministry is that when a congregation has developed to a Place of Wellness, it’s time for me to move on. Since many have asked, No, I do not know where I am going, but I rarely do as I am finishing somewhere.

Blessings on you and may you be a blessing. Take care of each other!