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Hey Summer! Are we here yet?

A number of people have commented to me, “It just hasn’t felt like summer.” At least the summers of old where the sun shone all the time, the temperature was always in the eighties (Fahrenheit that is) and… well you get the point. We often long for the best selective memory of the past and conveniently forget the rain, the cold and the grey days that are part of our lives. Since we can not live in that past, it is best to get on with the business of living today in the here and now.
For me, as an adult, I know the rain helps me appreciate the sun all the more. It also waters the fresh veggies and fruit that I love. Rain slows me whether I am walking, biking or driving. Slowing down is good! I seek to find the best in the greys and cold of life. For every season and the parts of each season have a rich gift from God to us if we are open to receive it.
I invite you to begin each day with a stating of the obvious: Oh it’s raining; oh it’s sunny; oh the sky has some clouds and then ask God for some gift in the weather. In my experience this little spiritual exercise has helped me enjoy the day no matter what the weather. It has also connected me with the Holy as I enter the new day and anticipate the gift the Creator has sent my way.
Finally, when the summer is over, I will see every day as a blessing and not just the ones with the sun.
Have a blessed summer everyone,