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Our Mission: Celebrate God, Be In Community, Reach Out to Others

Our goal is to focus on Stewardship, as it most broadly defined, intentionally, with commitment and zeal. Everything we do should flow from a spirit of true stewardship:

  • Our time: how and where we spend it (e.g. worship, spiritual growth, congregational life, caring for one another both inside and outside of our physical space)
  • Our talents: What they are and how we use them (e.g., leadership, teaching, praying, building, repairing)
  • Our Treasures: What they are, how much we have and when we share them (e.g., regular offerings, special appeals, bequests)

Each of the components of our Mission is represented by a Unit. The Units undertake a variety of activities consistent with their purpose and the annually determined congregational goals/focus. Each Unit is lead by co-Coordinators who oversee the activities of the Teams in their Units. The Units are:

  • Celebrate God: through worship, leadership, special services, and Christian Development.
  • Be in Community: through activities that strengthen and support the life of the congregation and its members and adherents.
  • Reach Out to Others: our engagements in the local community and the world.

In addition to our Units, we also have several Councils that we encourage our members to be a part of.

If you’d like more information about the various Councils, please contact or see the document below: