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God is Everyday

To make sure you have everything that’s coming up on your calendar – Christmas services, office closure, and Aloha for Katharine – the January Messenger is being sent out early. That gives me an opportunity to wish you a Merry Christmas.
Our hearts are touched by the message of the timeless story. God is seen in the extraordinary, yes, but more amazingly in the everyday:
 A man and a woman have had a long journey and are looking for a place to stay.
 A baby is born – and God is with us.
 Celestial angels and lowly shepherds are both divine messengers.
 An unusual star lights the way for Eastern astrologers.
If we limit God’s presence and activity to miracles only, we might miss where God is and what God is up to.
But when we learn to see God in the ordinary people and events of life, that’s where we discover innumerable miracles. It takes courage to see God there and to pay attention.
In the ordinary and extraordinary moments of Christmas this year, may you look around, and up and within, and know God-is-with-us, Emmanuel.
I wish you and your loved ones blessings, insight, and peace this Christmas and through the New Year.