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Presence Project Week 7

Let the sea roar, and all that fills it; the world and those who live in it. Let the floods clap their hands; let the hills sing together for joy at the presence of the Lord. — Psalm 98:7 – 9

Those who recognize God within their own puny & ordinary souls…will daringly affirm the Divine Presence in other unexpected places.      — Richard Rohr


Adoration of God, loving God with our whole being, is the greatest commandment. Brother Lawrence encourages us to “make our hearts a spiritual temple where we continually adore [God],” and that we should strive “to be the most perfect adorers of God in this life, as we hope to be throughout all eternity.”

Lawrence identifies “a typical error among the spiritually minded [of] not…withdrawing from what is external from time to time to adore God within themselves and enjoy his divine presence in peace for a few moments.” He stresses that “a brief lifting up of the heart is enough. A brief remembrance of God, an act of inner adoration” even while in the midst of seemingly unspiritual circumstances draws us deeper into  God’s presence.

To assist us with this Lawrence suggests what Liz Carmichael calls “arrow prayers” – short sentences declaring our desire, our intention,  and our love of God. Lawrence writes, “It would be appropriate for beginners to formulate a few words interiorly, such as: ‘My God, I am completely yours,’ or ‘God of love, I love you with all my heart,’ or ‘Lord, fashion me according to your heart,’ or any other words love  spontaneously produces.” When we practice being present to God we are in a position to truly love God.


Try to practice some “arrow prayers” this week.

See if you can add a sense of adoration into your sensing and savouring of God’s Presence.

Remember to keep practicing savouring on-the-go:

Surely GOD is in THIS PLACE