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Presence Project Week 4

Surely God is in this place, and I did not know it.
Genesis 28:16
Deep within us all there is an amazing inner sanctuary of the
soul…a Divine Centre…to which we may continuously return. —Thomas Kelly

The practice of becoming present to God is a mindfulness practice that one does not do from time to time but is something that permeates your day. Brother Lawrence uses a variety of terms to describe it including: a simple act, a clear and distinct knowledge of God, an indistinct view, a general and loving awareness of God, attention to God, silent conversation with God, trust in God, simple awareness, and a loving view of God present everywhere.

Mindfulness is supposed to be a natural and easy thing in his view. He nonchalantly advises that “God does not ask a great deal of us: a brief remembrance from time to time, a brief act of adoration, occasionally to ask him for his grace or offer him your sufferings, at other times to thank him for the graces he has given you and is giving you.”

In fact, Lawrence warns us not to try too hard, suggesting that long discourses and wordy prayers are the seeds of distraction rather than being useful. He goes so far as to say such long, wordy prayers “spoil everything; that’s how trouble starts!” Instead we should focus on recognizing God in our midst and engaging in a “continual conversation [with God in which we] praise, adore, and ceaselessly love God for his infinite goodness and perfection.”


Upon beginning and ending a task or starting and stopping a meeting say this mantra either alone or responsively.

Upon Beginning

• (Declaration) Surely God is in this place! (Intention) Help me notice!

Upon Ending

• (Affirmation) Surely God is in this place! (Gratitude) I noticed… (pause and reflect)