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Presence Project Week 12

Keep your eyes open for God, watch for God’s works; be alert for signs of God’s presence. — Psalm 105:4

Contemplative practice…is a deeply revolutionary matter. — Rowan Williams


The task of spirituality is to live out what Jesus called the greatest commandments: loving God and loving people. Brother Lawrence found a way to do this with his whole life. He called it The Practice of the Presence of God.

Highly influenced by his time, and richly nourished in the Carmelite spirituality of Teresa and John, Lawrence humbly and wholly committed his life to the simple, loving awareness and adoration of God, everywhere, all the time. His was a ‘methodless method’ that saw no difference in practice whether he was in church, at prayer, in the kitchen, or repairing sandals. It was a mindfulness method initiated in self-abandonment, maintained through habit, gently dealing with difficulties and failures, and persevering to enjoy God even in suffering.

This joyful, attractive yet challenging spirituality found an audience far beyond the wildest dreams of a modest lay friar in Paris. Over the centuries it has influenced and shaped countless Christians all over the world, and it stands poised to transform the current mainline church as well, if we choose to embrace it. Practicing

The presence we are actually practicing is our own!


Continue practicing the Presence of God.

Surely GOD is in THIS PLACE