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These words close the book, “We Walk This Path Together” by Brian J. Pierce, OP that I have just finished reading. Its wisdom is thought provoking and I highly recommend it if you are open to digging deeper into the spiritual grounding of your being. I do have to admit that this quote niggles at me…Do I really believe it? Do I really live as if life is a great gift, especially when lemons show up in my life?
It was this past March, while browsing in the Bookshelf in Guelph, that this book captured my attention. I tried to find another book, but it was not to be…this book was coming home with me! Surprisingly, (or perhaps not so) it was the same week, when over a Wednesday lunch, my colleague just happened to say, “Did you know Forest Hill is calling a half time Pastoral and Christian Development minister?” Was God inviting me to walk the spiritual path with Forest Hill? This book turned out to be a very important part of my discerning this call to Forest Hill.
My immediate thought was, “No, No, No!” but there it was….that undeniable and insistent Holy nudge saying “Yes, Yes, Yes to the invitational gift and the surprise. And as the saying goes, “The rest is history.” So here I am – three weeks a newbie, and already feeling so warmly welcomed. Heartfelt thanks to so many who have already offered me gracious hospitality.
It has been a pretty busy three weeks as I navigate my way around and through all the many activities that happen both within and outside the walls of Forest Hill; all the while taking part in the Readers to Runners camp. Sometimes my head swirls as I try to take in all Forest Hill is about. I am so very excited to become a part of “Holy Currencies” as a positive path to sustaining healthy church ministry. I have confidence that as we journey along the path before us together, we will have the opportunity to affirm that life truly is a great gift and a great surprise. What better prayer can we offer for all that is before us, than “Thank You God for …the gift of life and the gift of surprise…..for blessings seen and unseen.”
Please do drop by; I am always ready to share a cuppa and conversation and I welcome any suggestions of how I can accompany and support your spiritual health and well-being, as we “journey on this path together.” May we always be open and receptive to the newness and gifts of each day that the Creator has in store for us!